Checklist for Purchasing a DTCP Approved Plot

Many people have a long-term desire to own a plot. Though finding a plot that matches all your expectations is a long process that involves a thorough examination and multiple analyses, the process of purchasing it also demands the same. Many people are not aware of the legal factors to be considered in purchasing a DTCP Approved plot to avoid future troubles. One must scrutinize the plot from multiple dimensions before purchasing it to avoid future issues. The problem is many are not aware of what to look for when purchasing a DTCP-approved plot and regret their lack of awareness when they encounter any issues in the later stages. While reading this article now, if you also feel that you also fit into this group of people being baffled without a whole picture, then this article is for you. Get a comprehensive checklist that has been carefully framed by checking from various perspectives and required aspects in purchasing a plot. The article will guide you with everything that you must be aware of in purchasing a DTCP-approved plot and navigate you in the right direction.    

Transparent Documentation and DTCP Approval:  

Ensuring that the property is DTCP-approved is the primary factor you must look for in a DTCP-approved plot. Clear and transparent documentation is imperative. Don’t hesitate to do repetitive checks of the documents until your queries get cleared and you genuinely feel that the plot abides by all the legal requirements. Because many slip in the legal aspects due to their unawareness. When they face legal issues, they would be completely helpless as it could even lead to losing their land without getting even an invested penny in return. Here, we list the requirements to avoid such occurrences: 

      • Ensure that the documents of the plot are registered with Tamil Nadu Real Estate Regulation Authority according to Tamil Nadu Real Estate Regulation and Development Act.   
      • Ensure whether the plot is DTCP approved, as mentioned earlier.  
      • Have a thorough examination of the property’s patta 
      • Make sure the data entered and legal aspects of the documents are perfect and have a proper sanction plan.   

Land Size:   

One of the common mistakes is people fail to check the Floor Space Index (FSI). It is an indicator of how much percentage of the total square feet of a plot can be utilized for construction. Many are not aware of such indicators. So, check the FSI as soon as you decide to go with a housing plot as this indicator determines the size of your future house. If the FSI is very low, then you cannot build a home of your choice and it could result in a lower resale value.  

Proximity and Connectivity: 

Both Proximity and connectivity are the factors that will make your decision of choosing a residential plot to be the right one. If you are looking to build a house from the plot you buy, then look into its social infrastructure and connectivity. Ensure that the place is in close proximity to schools, colleges, hospitals, bus stops, and entertainment spots. It will help you save hours of travel time and lets you escape from traffic congestion and road signals.  

Make sure that the locality of the residential plot has better connectivity with the other parts of the district. One must consider both proximity and connectivity in terms of location for a new home.    

Primary Connections:  

In a house plot for sale, electricity, water supply, and drainage are the most important connections you must check. Interruptions or malfunction in any of these connections can make your life a complete mess. Some areas will have frequent power cuts. Check the groundwater level and drinking water supply connections as water scarcity has become a common concern these days.  

Have Resale in Consideration: 

Make note of the resale value of the plot even if you are in the thought of building a home and residing there. If you undergo any unprecedented financial crisis in the future, the plot with a higher resale value will help you to a huge extent. Check the resale value history of the land for the past three or five years. It will give you an idea of what its value will be in the coming years.  If not for reselling, you must check the resale value as the land with only better-living conditions will have a rise in its value. So, if the land has a notable growth in resale over the years, then most probably you can go for it.   

Best for You:  

Above all the factors that are given above, the residential plot you choose should feel right for you and close to your heart. Everyone has their own unique expectations in a housing plot especially if they are going to build a home and reside there. So, ensure that the plot will be the right fit for your personal taste and choice.     

P&K Realtors-Ticks All the Boxes of the Checklist:  

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The company bags the reputation ‘Trustworthy Developer’ which is not viable for any other companies in the real estate industry in Coimbatore. The company sustains complete transparency in its housing plot operations with customers right from the documentation. It also arranges legal advice to guide you and solve all your legal queries and provide the right assessment of the land. Buying DTCP-approved plots from a well-known builder is always safe and secure. P&K being a renowned builder in Coimbatore, you can go for their housing plots without any second thought. Its projects are strategically located in the major residential areas of the city in proximity and with better connectivity to the remaining parts of the district. 

Wrapping Up: 

According to the customers of P&K Realtors, no other real estate company is as efficient as P&K in offering a smoother and hassle-free housing plot buying experience. Its futuristic projects perfectly meet the expectations of the customers and make loan arrangements. Its customers who gain complete value for their invested money act as its brand ambassadors by enhancing its popularity among people.