Best Location to Purchase Gated Community Plots in Coimbatore

People look into various aspects when they buy a plot since a huge sum of money is involved in it. The desire to purchase a plot might differ from person to person as some prefer to build their dream home whereas others regard it as an investment and aim to make a profit out of it. The nature and locality of the plot play a dominant role in meeting the expectations of the people. Currently, Saravanampatti is the best place to purchase gated community plots in Coimbatore.     

Saravanampatti- The Emerging Area of Coimbatore: 

Currently, Coimbatore is the second largest city in the state with a population of over 3 million. Being the Manchester of South India, the city stands tall with major industrial, software, and healthcare industries. Meanwhile, the city is anticipated to have staggering growth in the next few years, adding nearly 2 lakh jobs. Hence, it will fuel the demand for the availability of new living spaces to accommodate the growing population. The city has been developing further with the addition of new housing areas. Among them, Saravanampatti is the fastest growing area which suits perfectly the gated community. Better connectivity and social infrastructure are also up to the mark here. Moreover, the place has been gifted with a better environment with an urban infrastructure that will be a perfect suit for the gated community.   

Getting Higher Returns is Quite Possible: 

Not all investments provide you with higher returns except a few. Real Estate is one among the few that could fetch you a higher yield. Needless to say that the locality of a plot plays an important role in determining its value. Saravanampatti is the fast growing area in Coimbatore. So, buying land here is one of the best investments as its value will have a staggering growth in the next few years. The possibilities are high to get a profitable return by investing at Saravanampatti 

Ideal Location for Gated Community Plots:     

Saravanampatti is a location that has the features for a comfortable residential life. If you are looking for a gated community plot, then Saravanampatti should be your choice. It has all the features that a gated community will look for. Building spacious houses is quite possible due to the availability of ample space in this region. The social infrastructure is also appreciable. Prozone Mall, one of the major shopping malls of Coimbatore, is located at Saravanampatti. Hence, you can spend your leisure time here. Despite providing better living conditions for residential life, Saravanampatti has its own IT infrastructure with the presence of CHIL SEZ IT Park which comprises some of the major IT companies. So, if your workplace is in Saravanampatti then settling here is the better choice. New companies are expected to be added here as they may grow into the epicenter of IT companies in Coimbatore. If you are into the IT industry, starting your life here will give you the comfort of reaching your workplace in a shorter time span.    

P&K Realtors- The Right Choice for Gated Community Plots: 

P&K Realtors, the major real estate developer in Coimbatore, is in the business of providing house plots for sales that are tailored to perfectly suit the expectations of the customers. The gated community plots of P&K have all the specifications and facilities that cater to the expectations of the residents. Having been in the real estate development business for nearly 3 decades in Coimbatore, every project from P&K has made its mark by showcasing excellence and perfection. With every project, the reputation of P&K also elevated manifolds thereby becoming the trustworthy property developer in Coimbatore. Currently, P&K has an array of projects in Saravanampatti that comprises gated community plots. P&K is so concrete in delivering the exact value for every penny of its customers’ investments. Hence, its projects stand apart from other real estate developers due to their futuristic vision and the aspiration to fulfill the customers expectations.  

P&K Landmax Avenue- The Gated Community Plots from P&K Realtors: 

P&K Landmax Avenue, one of the ongoing projects from P&K Realtors is in a nature-bound region on Coimbatore-Sathi National Highway at a five-minute travel distance from Saravanampatti.  The DTCP-approved gated community plots of Landmax Avenue are located close to prominent software companies such as CTS, BOSCH, and DELL SEZ. The housing plot has an impeccable infrastructure made of high-end materials. The property is guarded by compound walls made of rigid RCC beam and RCC pillar that assures complete protection.  

A sufficient water supply is possible throughout the year as the property has the Athikadavu drinking water supply and bore water supply. A friction-free drainage system made of the latest technology has been designed in a way that assures no stagnation of water during rainy seasons. Rigid compound walls and round-the-clock security alongside the presence of CCTV cameras provide complete safety and privacy. It also satisfies the customers in terms of social infrastructure with the closer presence of prominent educational institutions, bus stops, and Prozone Mall. Thus, Landmax caters to your expectations in a gated community plot.  

Wrapping Up:   

Buying a gated community plot at Saravanampatti is quite easier with the presence of real estate developers like P&K. Majority of P&K’s projects are in the prime areas of Coimbatore. With Saravanampatti anticipated to be the next major prime location, buying gated community plots from a trustworthy developer like P&K is the wiser choice.