Why DTCP Approved Plots at Saravanampatti Are Worth the Investment

There is a common saying that investment in land always assures better returns. But, in reality, it depends on the land you invest in. You can get double your invested money, or you may end up with the utter disappointment of not even fetching half of your invested money. The locality in which a plot is located has a direct impact on its price. You can easily understand it by having a look at the difference in the price per square feet plot value within a city and its outskirts. Investment experts suggest that neither the plot with a lower value nor the one with the highest should be chosen for investment. Then where should one invest? Buying plots in the growing areas is the best investment for both reselling purposes and residence. Currently, Saravanampatti is the fastest growing area in Coimbatore with both IT and residential infrastructure. 

Rising Demand for DTCP Approved Plots:   

In recent times, the pursuit of residing in inpidual homes over apartments has consistently increased among people. The prolonged prevalence of the pandemic and the lockdown have driven people to shift to inpidual homes as it can assure social distancing from the other establishments and other amenities such as ease of moving on the veranda and open spaces which is impossible or limited at apartments. Post pandemic many companies have shifted to the hybrid mode of work. But unfortunately, many homes do not possess a work-friendly atmosphere. So, it has led to the need for homes with a dedicated workspace. Therefore, all these factors lead to the quest for inpidual plots to build homes that meet contemporary demands.  

Saravanampatti being the thriving area of Coimbatore, has ample space to build residential. On the other hand, it has its own IT infrastructure with companies BOSCH, CTS, and KGISL and many to be added in the near future. Notably, Saravanampatti has good connectivity with other major locations of the city. Hence, buying a plot is an ideal investment as it has all the amenities and urban infrastructure.    

Best of all Investments:  

Mostly, the investment in the land has a dual purpose. Some look to resell it whereas others aspire to build a home and start a new life. No matter what you aim for, investing at Saravanampatti is a wiser investment that reaps benefits. If you are on the quest to build your own home, then buy DTCP approved plots at Saravanampatti at the earliest. Moreover, purchasing a plot doesn’t cost you as much as buying a home. Currently, the plot rates here are rising at a steady pace which may skyrocket anytime. So, be wiser and make a smart move by purchasing the plot when the cost is low. You can also build a home later at your convenience.  

If you have no idea to settle but are looking for the best investment that will grow your money and deliver a high profit, then pumping your money into the plots at Saravanampatti is the best choice. If the rates increase at the same pace as now, then the value will double or triple your invested amount in a year or two when you resell it. Hence, Saravanampatti is the best place to buy land in Coimbatore.  

Saravanampatti- The Best Place for Residential Life:   

Saravanampatti is the fastest emerging area of Coimbatore. The place, which has been witnessing rapid growth for the past five years, has been connected to other prime locations of the city through better roadways. With major IT companies residing here, the location has been upgraded with the perfect living environment for residential life. Major companies such as BOSCH and CTS have their offices here. With establishments of IT companies adorning one side of the Saravanampatti, residential areas form its other side. The presence of the IT infrastructure with CHIL SEZ IT park has made Saravanampatti the most preferable zone for IT firms. Notably, the area has its own green cover that sustains pleasant weather all day long. Hence, the area has been gifted with all the facilities to kickstart a residential life.  

The Premium Housing Plots of P&K: 

P&K Realtors- the leading real estate developers in Coimbatore has most of its projects in and around Saravanampatti. With a noteworthy experience of over three decades, its premium housing plots are of a high standard which the other real estate companies are thriving to surpass. It has an excellent track record of completing 13 projects in the city with 4 ongoing projects. P&K Shangri-LA, one of the ongoing projects from P&K is located at Thudiyalur-Saravanampatti Road. The DTCP-approved plots of P&K Shangri have been equipped with all the facilities that a housing plot should possess. Located just 2 km away from the KG IT Park, Shangri is a futuristic project that meets the contemporary and future expectations of the people. It has a better social infrastructure with the presence of nearby schools, colleges and bus stops.    

Shangri has been planned meticulously to provide a fulfilling living experience to its future residents. P&K is so concrete that its customers should not feel displeasure at any instant that can be witnessed clearly by having a glimpse at the specifications of the project. Shangri has been bounded by its own green cover with an allocated space for a lush green garden. Made of top-class equipments as the corrosion-free drainage is made of RCC Concrete with steel, compound walls of hollow blocks. There is no chance for the occurrence of water scarcity with more than one water resource. Athikadavu drinking water, bore water supply and water tank will assure you uninterrupted water supply all the year. The presence of 40- and 30-feet tar roads will ensure free movement for pedestrians as well as vehicle drivers. Therefore, Shangri comprises all the requirements that people look for in a housing plot. 

Through this, it is evident that P&K is the go-to real estate developer to purchase the best DTCP approved plots at Saravanampatti. The capability of P&K to provide the best return for the customers investment has contributed to sustaining its reputation as a major property developer in Coimbatore.  

Wrapping Up:   

The blog has provided multiple facts that justify the title that buying DTCP plots at Saravanampatti is a profitable investment. P&K has made the pathway to purchase the DTCP plots quite easier. The company is all set to lend a hand to its customers by making all the necessary arrangements, from loan assistance to legal assistance. Hence, P&K can delight you by providing a smoother buying and living experience. With the presence of real estate developers like P&K, buying DTCP-Approved residential plots at Saravanampatti is always the right investment.